Air India Express Baggage Allowance – FAQ’s

How much baggage am I able to check-in on Air India Express flights?
Air India Express Baggage Allowance – Air India allows each passenger (excluding kids) to carry free checked-in baggage. The exact weight of  free baggage allowance depends on the location you are flying. In case your checked baggage exceeds the specified limits, you’ll have to pay additional charges for the excess baggage. Kids are allowed ten kg. of free baggage.

air india express baggage allowance


How much Hand/Cabin baggage  can I check-in Air India Express?
Air India Express permits each passenger (excluding kids) to  carry  baggage, which must not exceed 7 kg. If your hand/cabin baggage exceeds the limit of 7 kg., you must check-in the cabin baggage.In the event you are carrying some valuable articles, Air India Express recommends carrying them in your hand baggage.

What is not allowed?
Recently, there has been an increase in the level of security on board by all airlines due to  various security threats.Air India Express does not permit the passengers to over any sharp objects, like nail clippers, scissors, razors, blades, bulbs, batteries or any other unsafe items, on the aircraft.

What if my baggage is lost?
Air India Express has a clear policy in case of baggage loss or destroy, the airline pays USD twenty (or equivalent local funds approx INR 600) per kg. for checked-in baggage. But this is applicable only in the event you document the loss of baggage before leaving the customs enclosure and if not traced within 7 days.

air india express baggage lost

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